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Mat Pilates in Addlestone


Pilates is a whole-body exercise treatment that involves a range of mat-based exercises. It is suitable for all and results in positive changes to your body and wellbeing. Mat Pilates is an effective use of precise set of exercises. It is advisable for everyone at any level of fitness and provides countless benefits. If you love rules and structure, or a quiet, gentle workout this is just what you need.

What to expect?

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a bottle of water, attitude, and smile with you to this session. This is an hour-long session, and you will be doing warm up, body weight and resistance exercises followed by stretches. You will be coordinated with your body with regular classes. We do block of six sessions which is recommended.



How does it work?


Pilates involves the co-ordination of deep postural and stability muscles – combined with breathing, arm and leg movements, postural adaptations, and flexibility. Evidence suggests Pilates can reduce pain and improve physical function, movement, and wellbeing.


Pilates connects your breathing to the exercise, allowing influx of oxygen to complete each movement better. Since you are concentrating on breathing deeply, mind can benefit from mindfulness, relaxation, and stress reduction during and after the class. Over time, your mind is trained to stay more focused not only while working out, but also in your everyday life. Those who practice Pilates often reap the benefits of deep breathing exercises, suffer less from anxiety, mood changes and depression.


Various levels can be introduced using resistance bands, gym balls etc. An assessment followed up with an exercise plan can improve your pain and function in no time. This improves your aches/pains in body leading to strong, stable, and improved you.

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