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"Body Intelligence"

It is #mindfulmarch and to take control of your wellbeing it is crucial to understand the concept of how the body and mind are interconnected. Imagine you are driving on a country road at 30 miles per hour - enjoying the experience, suddenly you see a fox crossing the road, your eyes perceive this information and nerve connections are made in split seconds pushing your foot on the brake pedal to try and save the poor fox. The sensation we feel when we brake abruptly increases the heart rate, this is the body's reaction to your anxiety when you were worried about running over the fox. Physically the body responds to your state of anxiety by going into a fight and flight response releasing adrenaline (hormone), normally called as adrenaline rush.

When you forget your umbrella and it starts raining, you are soaking wet and you find solace in a warm cup of tea, this feeling of comfort and happiness is the emotional response to the warmth felt by your hands when you hold that cup of tea releasing happy hormones that make you "feel good".

You are watching a reality TV show and towards the end your favourite participant you have been rooting for loses. The anger you develop for the less deserving participant (in your view) makes your ears go red and you start feeling hot. This is simple way of your body communicating your anger.

These few examples explain the link between our physical and mental state. When we are feeling low, our shoulders drop, we are distracted, and want to lie in bed all day - classic example of how your body responds to emotions. We all have good days and bad days (of course we are humans!!).However the goal should be to minimise the bad days and maximise our good days.

The best way to achieve that is to take care of our physical and mental health. Body Intelligent means to understand this connection and wishing to self improve. , the above link is a good resource to understand what we can do to become body intelligent. Simple ways to take care of ourselves

1 Practice mindful movements like yoga , tai chi etc

2. Practice meditation ( calm, headspace apps).

"To be aware of your senses and movements is being one with yourself"

4. Relaxation techniques , like tensing one muscle at a time and relaxing it till your body achieves a state of relaxation is a way to achieve the state of calm. If you are struggling then search for #everymindmatters for resources.

"Listen to your body, the quality of your communication matters" - Natalie Geld.

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Feb 17, 2023
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