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Brittle Bones?

🦴Osteoporosis used to be called as Brittle bones disease caused by low bone mineral density of 2.5 measured on specific bone scan called DXA scan .

🦴Osteoporosis is condition where bone mass decreases because of imbalance between new bone formation and ageing related bone degeneration (normal ageing changes) leading to increase risk of fracture (fragility)

🦴Fragility fracture is associated with fracture in bones/joints e.g spine, wrist/hand, hips or any other bones/joints as a result of a simple fall, bending or lifting activity.

🦴Fragility fractures usually go unnoticed and hence not detected easily

👵Women are more prone to develop osteoporosis especially due to decrease in oestrogen production in menopause > 50 years of age

⚠️Risk factors -

👉🏼Conditions - Diabetes II, Hyperthryroidism, Liver disease, kidney disease, pancreas, menopause, Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthropathies


⬇️Low weight BMI < 18.5


🥃Alcohol > 3 units/day

👵Parents with hip fracture

💊Drugs such as steroids


✍️Score called as FRAX or Q assessed by healthcare professional to plan to order DXA scan

If DXA scan shows osteoporosis or osteopenia (low bone density) then following management is recommended


🥛Vitamin D ( fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables etc ) and Calcium ( low fat dairy products) via food intake as well as medications ( colecalciferol)

💊Bisphosphonates- bone protection medication prescribed by medical professionals

🏋️‍♀️Strength exercises including weight bearing activities such as walking, osteoporosis classes organised by local areas

🚭Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake <2 units/day

🚶‍♀️Falls risk should be evaluated and balance and coordination to improve

Contact us for more advice and guidance 📲

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