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Discs don’t slip 🤦🏽‍♀️

Discs are present between our vertebrae i.e. bones in the spine to give us flexibility, mobility and stability. They act as shock absorber and provide cushion between these bones.

Some explain their consistency like a jam jelly donut 😫 however this has led to a lot of confusion in non healthcare and healthcare professionals.

Discs are approximately 90% water 💧 and the consistency can be described like a toothpaste. They are mainly made up of two structures annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus - mainly made up of collagen, a protein that gives us support.

"Slipped disc" 😠 is an old term used by many to explain back pain with or without leg symptoms sometimes called as Sciatica (😑 still) by most healthcare professionals.

👉🏼 Check my low back pain post for more details 📱 on what are the causes, symptoms, how to manage it

Spine and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments etc.) around the spine make this an extremely robust 💪🏼 structure demystifying the old belief that these structures are vulnerable and should be constantly protected 👎🏼.

😀Everything in the body heals, if moved within pain limitations one can return to their normal function soon 🚶🏽

So what does a " slipped disc "really mean🤔

➡️A disc can dehydrate due to number of reasons such as day-to-day use, overuse , lack of use or no use at all.

➡️Occasionally heavy lifting, trauma or injuries or for no reason at all disc material can ooze out into the spinal canal causing inflammation, nerve root irritation causing back pain, pins and needles , sharp , shooting symptoms , severe pain or no symptoms at all. The medical terms used to describe the above are , disc bulge, herniated disc etc.

The most important message is NOTHING SLIPS 💥

💡 Points to remember 💡

❌ There is no permanent damage 😫

☑️ Everything heals in the body 😃

❌ Discs cannot be put back in place 🤯

☑️ Move ( within pain limits ) to improve 🤓

❌ Drinking water does not rehydrate discs😬

☑️ Discuss with a healthcare professional for specific exercise/ activity recommendations and pain medicines if necessary

📲 Check out some free resources 👇🏻

If in doubt see your physio 🖐🏽

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Feb 22, 2023

thankyou, I was told my disc slipped and since then I have stopped walking to protect , this information is useful

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