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Do you trip?

⚖️Balance is one's ability to maintain an upright body by maintaining the line of gravity within the base of support whether static or when moving .

⚖️Balance is a result of multisystem work in the body, eyes, ears, brain, brainstem, muscles, joints all these system work in unison to let us control our position upright against the gravitational forces.

⚖️Balance can be

STATIC- one's abaility to maintain their upright posture when not moving, eg, standing, sitting, lying down etc.

DYNAMIC- one's ability to maintain their upright posture when moving eg running, walking, sports activities, etc.

⚖️Balance can be impaired due to various reasons , some are listed below-

1. Neuromuscular Conditions - Parkinson's , Multiple sclerosis , Dementia, Alzheimer's etc

2. Age- decline in flexibility, stability and cognition

3. Musculoskeletal conditions- post injuries, surgeries etc

4. Vestibular disorders- BPPV, Vertigo, Meniere's etc

5. Deconditioning- obesity, lack of exercise, muscles stiffness and weakness

⚖️Balance improvement-

👉🏼Improve flexiblity in muscles- tai chi, yoga, pilates

👉🏼Improve stability - pilates, yoga, tai chi , strength training

👉🏼Improve coordination - challenge the mutlisystem function- dancing, total body workouts, sports, gym work, etc

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