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Easy Quick Workouts

Working out when you have kids, seems impossible to most. Especially during covid times , working and taking care of children has been exhausting for most of us.

Only solution is to involve them in your workouts.

1. Hip Thrust is a good way to strengthen your lower body. In this video I am using edge of the chaise sofa for supporting my upper body and for resistance I am using my 13 kgs toddler who loves these workouts. This lets me spend time with him and complete a simple strengthening activity on a busy day.

2. My toddler loves the modified push-up. I sing, kiss and play with him on the mat which lets me exercise my upper body and yet play with him.

3. Bridge is a simple strengthening exercise for lower body. It increases stability in back, legs and bottom area.

Adding weight to your body weight improves the tone as well as strength which helps lose weight and keep you fit

During covid times it's been difficult for us to fit in exercise and take care of the family. These simple exercises can be integrated into your normal daily routine.

1.Standing kitchen counter #pushup works on your upper body, shoulder and abdominal muscles. You can add variety by widening the gap between your hands and work on chest muscles. 2. Simple standing #squats with a bit of support can be a good #beginnerworkout #lowerbodyworkout 3. A different variety called #sumosquats with bit of weight can add more resistance. In this video I am holding my toddler who is 13 kg to add resistance. This exercise works on glutes, adductors, hamstring and quadriceps improving your lower body strength.

These workouts help you lose weight as well build your muscles. Keeping fit with bit of cardio vascular exercises such as walking , running ,skipping etc and strength training is the best way to keep fit.

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