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Heel Pain?

🦶Plantar fascia is a shock absorbing structure on the bottom of our foot. It starts at heel bone- calceneum and attaches to the bones on top of the foot

🦶Although it is called Plantar fascitis by many, 'itis' means inflammation and not necessarily the condition is present due to inflammation in our heel or foot

👉🏼Age- 40-60 years of age

👉🏼Usually improves within 12 months


🦶Overuse - standing, walking, running, etc

🦶Footwear- unsupportive footwear, constant heels

🦶Foot structures- flat feet, high arched feet, injuries , tendon issues, tightness in muscles, injuries etc

🦶Overweight- excessive loading


🦶Pain with first step in the morning

🦶Pain after being static for long time

🦶Pain after excessive walking or standing

🦶Tender to touch on heel bone

🦶Tightness in achilles/calf muscles


🦶Healthcare professionals will ask history and physically examine to confirm this diagnosis using physical tests, ultrasound can be used to identify any tears in tissue if not improving after long periods of rehab

👉🏼Management -

🦶Conservative treatment -

💪🏼Wear supportive footwear, trial insoles

👉🏼Regular stretching and strengthening exercises

👉🏼Do not walk barefoot

👉🏼Rest if overuse or overloading

👉🏼Lose excess weight

if not better then contact health care professional

👉🏼ECSWT- Shockwave therapy 4-6 sessions can reduce symptoms and improve function

👉🏼Injections- Not anatomical guided , risk of tears , avoid steroid injections if possible

👉🏼Surgery- Only indicated if tears or no improvement with conservative measures after discussion with consultant

📲Should you need help with exercises or rehabilitation contact us

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