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I need a HUG!!

Saw a patient today for her back pain. When I asked her ,"how are you feeling?", a simple open ended question, I

like to to ask my patients. She replied my whole body aches. She lost her husband last year. It was so sudden and such a shock that her whole body had started aching. I just listened to her story for today's session. I asked if she has been provided with bereavement support, if she has friends and family to talk to. She has amazing friends and family that support her , she goes for walks ,plays table tennis and does yoga to keep her occupied. I was in awe of her thinking-she dealt with her grief very well. Then she said one thing which got me thinking ... Do we take our loved ones for granted? She said at end of the day all I want is to have physical comfort/ hug when I am feeling alone .During pandemic she was feeling truly alone. A simple hug, can make such a difference in somebody's life who would have thought. She is dealing with her grief however she experiences physical pains that are real. I offered comfort, support and listened to her. That's all I could provide today and she said she felt better after our chat. A simple hug that's all her expectation is!!

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