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Realistic Goals

Met a gentleman today who has worked as a tennis coach for 20 years. Coaching is a hobby for him. He still plays competitive tennis He had notes made for his acute wrist and shoulder pain. (So organised). As a cancer survivor he had a refreshing outlook towards life. He was smiling, happy, polite and had a positive attitude inspite of the current situation. He had a simple question -Can I play competitive tennis? When I asked him at the end of the session "what do you think?" he replied with a grimace on his face which I could sense from his eyes ( obviously he was wearing a mask) " May be it's time for me to retire" He lives alone, still works his normal day job and exercises every day. When I asked him, "how do you feel about giving up your passion" he replied, "I have to use my arm for making a cup of tea, if that means I give up playing tennis , so be it". I was expecting a defeated reply. I was completely surprised that he had come prepared for this option and was aware of his ability

He was pleased with my honesty. Physiotherapist's job is to restore patient's daily activities however occasionally we have to prioritize them. Although he is giving up his passion he is well on his way towards rehabilitation.

Kudos!! He had it all figured out.

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