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Tennis Elbow

💡Tennis elbow /Lateral elbow pain, rowing elbow or Lateral epicondyalgia is a tendonitis or tendinopathy , caused by overuse.

😩Pain is caused at bony point outside the elbow, this is called common extensor origin.

👉🏼This is the origin point for forearm muscles that help move the wrist and hand in upwards and outwards movement.

👩‍💼Age- middle age, 30 -50 years of age, mostly 4% of population equally seen in male and females.

👉🏼Causes-Overuse pains on dominant elbow, forearm and hand/wrist

  • Repetitive use of vibrating tools, manual jobs- carpentry, machine work etc

  • Repetitive lifting, reaching - daily jobs

  • Sports- tennis, badminton , rowing, kayaking etc.

  • Repetitive typing and mouse use - desk work

  • Playing piano , cello etc

😞Symptoms -

  1. Pain on outside of the forearm, elbow on bony point

  2. Weakness in grip strength

  3. Pain in lifting , reaching, moving with hand and forearm

  4. Swelling and inflammation in acute phases

🧐Investigations - Not required unless tears in the tendon attachment is suspected

Ultrasound can confirm tendonitis - inflammation changes.


  • Ibuprofen gel ( if allowed )every 3-4 hours

  • Loading exercises to improve the pain and function

  • Injections are not recommended due to poor outcomes and risk of tears

  • if no improvement in 6 -12 months then further opinion is recommended from orthopedics

📲Please contact us if you need specific targeted exercises, advice and treatments we can help you with that

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