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Trigger finger

👉🏼Trigger finger is tightness of a tendon causing catching , clicking and stiffness in fingers leading to discomfort , pain and limitation of function

👉🏼Mostly seen in ring finger and thumb however can occur in any fingers. Tendons get inflamed and a thickened nodule is formed.

👵👴Common in >40 years old


👉🏼Conditions - Diabetes || , Rheumatoid arthritis

👉🏼Work - Overuse - typing ,use of heavy machinery , forceful activities

👉🏼Hobbies - knitting , crocheting , video games, playing instruments etc

👉🏼Other- smoking etc

😣Symptoms -

👉🏼Tender lump at end of the finger tendon.

👉🏼Stiff and bent finger.

👉🏼Clicking , popping and catching in fingers .

⚕️Treatment -

👉🏼Rest - Reduce and modify the repetitive activities

👉🏼Splint - Splint can help to reduce the stiffness

👉🏼Exercises - Massage and stretches help to improve movement and stiffness

👉🏼Steroid injection - Injection can reduce pain and symptoms

👉🏼Surgery - if two injections do not relieve the symptoms then surgery is recommended

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