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#Working from home(WFH)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What are the pros and cons of #WFH

  • Good work life balance

  • Good work productivity

  • Time and money saved on work commute

  • Green environment

  • Time to do exercises indoors/outdoors

  • Quality time with loved ones

  • Lack of ergonomic workstation setup

  • Lack of social interaction

  • Increased sedentary lifestyle

  • Constant screen use

  • Increase in repetitive strains, aches and pains

Meeting mobility is related to moving tabs rather than moving rooms,

In times like these, we need #10toptips

  1. Microbreaks in-between meetings, work, teaching etc.

  2. Gentle stretches and movements every 30-45 minutes

  3. Use of headsets, headphones/earphones for ease

  4. Ergonomic mouse, keyboard and desk-chair set up

  5. Invest in sit to stand/foldable desk extension #yoyodesk

  6. Mindfulness practice(your favourite activity) to improve stress and social isolation

  7. Take up a hobby or project when struggling with isolation

  8. Set up calls, chats , walks with friends & family.

  9. Set up a routine to ensure you get the real feel of working.

  10. Attached is an excellent leaflet by Chartered society of physiotherapy #CSP for work from home.

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