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Image by Mufid Majnun

Steroid injections, also called as corticosteroid injections is form of invasive treatment to reduce pain and stiffness in joints and soft tissues from repetitive strains, arthritis, injuries etc.

When injected into a joint space or a soft tissue, helps reduce pain and inflammation.

This is an advanced technique only performed by trained injection therapists.

What to expect?


These services are available to book with physiotherapy assessment. Following your assessment if you require an injection then you will be given consent form to sign and explained the procedure. This form also explains, potential side effects, risks, and complications of this procedure beforehand.


You will be given a signed prescription to get your injection medication and booked for a follow up appointment to inject the steroid into your joints/soft tissues.


Please read the form online if you have any queries beforehand.



How does it work?


Steroid injections are injected into the affected joints and soft tissues. They enter the blood stream and reduce pain which is major function of a steroid. Corticosteroids are naturally produced in our body and their function is to reduce inflammation. Injections help reduce pain and improve function by providing you pain free window to do your exercises. This is temporary solution that provides you with rehabilitation gains.


Prescriptions for pain medication such as naproxen, codeine, amitriptyline, morphine can be issued with a trained non- medical prescriber. These medications reduce pain, inflammation (naproxen) and provides you a pain free window to start rehabilitation exercises.

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