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Sports therapy

What is sports therapy?


Sports therapy is an allied healthcare profession that improves and prevents patient’s optimum function related to sports, occupational health  and fitness irrespective of their age and ability with the help of assessment of the condition and planning rehabilitation interventions with manual therapy treatments.

What is a sports therapist? 


Sports therapist is a qualified chartered  allied health professional who performs 

  • Expert assessment, 

  • Evaluation of condition

  • Plans treatments

  • Develops Rehabilitation plans

  • Injury prevention 

  • Sports massage 

  • Deep tissue massage 


What to expect?


A sports therapist will initially conduct an assessment to get a thorough medical history to understand your condition, requirements and then plan a rehabilitation programme along with treatments such as sports massage, structured rehabilitation plan and discuss return to your optimal fitness and functional level.


Initial assessment will be 60 minutes and then follow up of 45 minutes will be arranged to continue treatments to plan return to your functional /fitness level.

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