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Carpal tunnel Syndrome

Heard about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) ?

💡Carpals are bones distributed in two rows in our wrist joint. In between the wrist and hand there are 3 nerves that help us with our day to day function.

💡The nerve that supplies the first and second finger and palm, wrist and hand is called Median nerve , the tunnel this nerve passes through is called carpal tunnel.

💡 If you get pins and needles in your hands , fingers and they get numb at night when you are asleep this could be carpal tunnel🧐


⌨️ Typing, writing, extensive mouse use etc

⚙️ Use of heavy machinery, vibration tools , repetitive wrist and hand bending .

🤌 Any activity that involves bending your hand and wrist constantly can cause inflammation resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome.

🧐 Investigations

Contact your healthcare professional 🩺

They will do tests to confirm this syndrome , if symptoms worsen they can refer you to get EMG +NCV studies that test the nerve function in your hand and wrist.


🤜 Exercises to reduce pressure on this area helps reduce these symptoms.

👉🏼 Carpal tunnel splint when worn at night can reduce the compression and help you get a good night sleep 😴

💊 Use of short term anti inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or prescribed naproxen may help.

💉 If the symptoms continue and there is no benefit with the conservative approach then steroid injection can help too.

👩‍⚕️ However if you have no relief from the above measures and there is power loss in your hand with muscle wasting then surgery is indicated.


✅ Break your regular activity into chunks

✅ Stretch your hand and wrist regularly

✅ Use a squeezy ball to improve your grip

✅ Use an ergonomic mouse and support your hands on arm rest if you are sedentary.

If not sure please contact us for assessment, advice and injection

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