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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder

🎯 Adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder is a condition that can occur between age group 40-60 , prominently peaks at age of 50.

🚺Females are more prone to this condition than males , the ratio is 5:1

🎯There is no true reason researched for this condition, yet



👉 Post trauma/shoulder injury,

👉Post tendinopathy- rotator cuff related issues

2.Systemic issues

👉People with Diabetes mellitus (with a prevalence up to 20%)

  • Stroke

  • Thyroid disorder

  • Shoulder injury

  • Dupuytren disease

  • Parkinson disease

  • Cancer

  • Complex regional pain syndrome

😲There is also research suggesting frozen shoulder can recur on the other side within five years of the first episode.

❓What is a frozen shoulder?

Painful and stiff shoulders limiting daily function.

📌Capsule is the structure between the head of the humerus ( shoulder bone ) and socket from your shoulder blade.

📌Capsule gets stiff and tight leading to three stages of frozen shoulder

1.Painful stage may last for upto 4 months - pain with all movements of shoulder

2 Stiff stage- Pain only with movements, stiffness in movements, in front, side and backwards direction.,this stage can overlap and last for 4-12 months.

3. Final phase , pain and stiffness eases and returning to shoulder to its previous functional level, 12-24

🎯Frozen shoulder can last upto 18-24 months. However it can take up to 3 years to return to normal function.

☢Investigations -

🎯Physical assessment is the best assessment to diagnose this condition.

🎯Restrictions in lifting the arm in front of the body. side of the body and behind the body to scrub.

🩻X-ray do not show adhesions in capsule( soft tissues)

💡Treatment -

💪Exercise to manage the stiffness with some heat pack , over the counter medications such as ibuprofen gel or ibuprofen ( taken with meals when allowed) .

💉Injection - if pain is severe and limits the function then steroid injection is recommended at any stage.

💉Hydrodilatation- Saline is injected into the capsule under scanner to improve movement and reduce pain.

🏥If all the above measures do not improve the pain then Manipulation under Anesthesia is recommended ( MUA).

💡Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have queries about treatment , injection and exercises .

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