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🏃🏾‍♂️Runners knee or 🍿Moviegoer's knee ?

👩‍💻Technically called as Patellofemoral pains/Anterior knee pain /patellofemoral pain syndrome

🦵🏻Common knee condition - Pain on top of the knee cap (patella) or front of the knee joint 

👧Age- Adoloscents or adults females are twice as affected as men.

🦵🏻Knee joint is made of knee cap, tibia, fibula as shown in the picture. The knee cap joint is called patellofemoral joint. 

🤔Causes - it is an over use condition.

  • Injury/trauma

  • Overuse, kneeling, running, jumping 

  • Weight gain

  • Changes in activity ( more or less)  


❤️‍🩹Symptoms-- Pain = dull ache and comes on activities or prolonged static position

  • Sitting for too long,

  • Going up and down the stairs 

  • Kneeling ,Squats, lunges etc

❌Investigation -  

  • X-ray will only show any changes in bone and joint , not a soft tissue problem- so not recommended 

  • Physical assessment by physiotherapist/healthcare professionals

🚴‍♀️Treatment -

😬Relative rest- if pain is acute and worsening then modify daily activities and pace them.

🧊Ice packs 10-15 mins 2-3/day if there is swelling around the knee. 

💊Ibuprofen gel 2-3/day every 3-4 hours , if suitable.

🧎‍♀️If the muscles around the knee are tight, stretch them.

🏋️‍♀️The best exercise is to improve this condition is to strengthen and load the muscles and tendons around the knee joint 

⏳Recovery time can take 2-3 months depending on the physical factors and activities.

❓More questions? why don't you book in with us?📲

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