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Lateral Hip pain

Lateral hip pain?😩

🦵🏻Pain on outside of the hip joint, on side pocket area is called Lateral hip pain

💁‍♀️Age- 40 onwards, mostly females affected more than men

💡It is also called Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome  (GTPS)

It comprises of 

  • Bursitis- Soft tissue sac gets inflamed and causes pain on the bone greater trochanter.

  • Tendonitis- inflammation in tendon from age, loading, injury/trauma

  • Repetitive stresses on all of the above structures related to compensations from lower back or other areas.


It can be because of load on the tendons, from exercises such as running, sitting cross legged, degeneration/ overuse of tendons or injury/trauma, low back pain , hip arthritis , or hormonal changes.


  • Pain on cross legged sitting

  • Pains on lying down on that side particularly at night

  • Activity related pains- Running, walking, stairs, one legged activities , carrying baby on the hip

  • Getting in and out of car or bath 

🕵️‍♀️Investigation -  

  • Tender spot on the outside of your hip

  • Ultrasound scan can confirm bursitis

  • Physical assessment by physiotherapist/healthcare professionals

🩺Treatment -

🧊Ice packs 10-15 mins 2-3/day

💊Ibuprofen gel 2-3/day every 3-4 hours 

😴Sleep on good side with pillow between your legs 

❌Do not sit cross legged

💪🏼Tendon loading exercises- Single leg squats, side leg lifts in side lying are great initial phase exercises 


⚙️Trial Shockwave therapy, for tendinopathy, occasionally 💉injections can help with pains 

❤️‍🩹Recovery times can take 18-16 weeks and occasionally 1-2 years to improve 

More questions? why don't book in with us📲

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