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POLICE your Injury 🚨

Acute injury( within 4 weeks)❓

🧐Do you know how to manage it

😩Injuries can be at home, work related, sports, or for any other reasons 🤷🏽‍♀️

👉🏼If they are not severe, then follow this guide to improve your symptoms.

Have you heard of POLICE regime❓

👉🏼P= Protection - Protect the area from getting re injured. When we suffer from an injury it is advised to prevent the area from the activity which caused the injury.

For eg- If you twisted your ankle, then it is better to keep the weight bearing to minimum for the first few days to avoid re-injury.

👉🏼OL= optimal loading - Use the area of injury within your pain and functional capacity, do not start running if the ankle injury feels better.

🚶🏽Gradually start non weight bearing exercises then start walking in few weeks and then plan a run in future as weeks progress.

👉🏼I- Icepacks do not help with stopping the swelling. It might however numb the area and help with reduction of pain and improves the healing process.

👉🏼C- Compression when applied to the area of injury helps with swelling. Remove it 2-3 times a day for exercises and movements. Try not to wear it at night thus not restricting blood supply to the area.

👉🏼E - Elevation- When the area is elevated above heart level this helps with swelling as well as drainage of substances in the swollen area to improve healing.

❗️Also remember DO NO HARM

H- Heat

A- Alcohol

R- Running/(other form of activities on your injured area )


💊Take over the counter pain medication if the pain continues and if the function does not improve 📲Contact us for further information

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