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Sleep deprived ❓

😴Sleep is important for repair and recovery of human body.

😴On an average an adult needs between 7 and 9 hours.

😴Sleep consists of REM (light) and Non REM (deep sleep)distributed in 4-5 cycles/ phases.


🤔What happens if we are sleep deprived ❓

👉🏼 Poor metabolism

👉🏼 Weight gain

👉🏼Increase cortisol levels (stress hormone)

👉🏼Low libido , decreased testosterone

👉🏼 Increase in blood pressure

👉🏼 Increase in risk of diabetes

👉🏼Restless leg syndrome

👉🏼Increase incidence of mental health issues (depression , anxiety )

👉🏼Poor social functioning

👉🏼Muscle weakness , fatigue, poor stamina

👉🏼 Reduced pain tolerance

👉🏼Poor healing / recovery

🤔What can we do to improve our sleep❓

🌞 Exposure to daylight improves sleep quality

🚶‍♀️Regular exercise improves sleep deep sleep

🛌 Good Bedtime routine

👉🏼No screen for 30-60 minutes before bedtime- you can use smart phones and apps

👉🏼 Mindfulness techniques -listen to calming songs, stories , reading books , journaling

👉🏼Good sleep environment- Dim lights, calming scents , comfortable mattress and pillows , block out noises

👉🏼No or cut down on 🚬, 🍺, ☕️

If you are struggling with insomnia trial following resources as well acupuncture to improve your sleep health or contact your GP

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