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Text Neck Syndrome

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

😲Text neck syndrome is a condition that is caused by excessive use of smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets .

🤯6.8 billion people own a smart phone in 2023 globally.

📱 The average amount of time spent on a smart device accounts to 6 hours 48 minutes per day for an individual 😲

💀 Our head weighs around 5 kg when in straight position on our spine. If we bend forwards the weight increases due to gravitational pull.

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18(4), 1565;

😩If we spend maximum of 7 hours with 18 - 27 kg on our shoulders and spine everyday , imagine what will happen to the muscles and soft tissues in our upper body from that constant load ❓

😢 Constant load leads to aches, pain , stiffness and weakness in neck and shoulder area .

"Prevention is better than cure "

💡Pace your screen time, now you can activate screen time notifications on your smart devices.

💡 Change position of how you hold your phone ,rest it on a table, cushion or a pillow and refrain from looking down at your device continuously.

💡Do neck stretches and strengthen neck and upper body muscles to treat or prevent this condition.

If you are struggling contact us now 👉🏼

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