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Stressed out?

April is #stressawareness month

😩With rising costs, worsening economy and returning to new normal post pandemic everybody is #stressed .

😩Stress affects our body in countless ways.

😣I wanted to highlight the effects of stress on our muscles , bones and joints in this blog post.

😯Unfortunately since 2017 there is no new research done to highlight the effects of stress specifically on musculoskeletal system

⛔️Stress is perceived as a danger , threat or challenge by our body.

⛔️Body produces hormones/chemicals called epinephrine , cortisol , norepinephrine (technical names) leading to a cascade of reactions.

⛔️This reaction causes a fight or flight response similar to being in a car accident ,producing natural pain killers ( Beta endorphins) or cortisol ( immune suppression)

‼️Body becomes more alert, senses are heightened in preparation to react

❓So what happens to our muscles, bones and joints?

💪🏼Muscles constantly contract for fight/flight response and tense up , if this continues, they overwork and fatigue 😩

😩Chronic stressors lead to

  • Pain- headaches, neck , shoulders, back etc

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle tightness

  • Muscle weakness

  • Headaches

  • Sleep issues

  • Mood changes

  • Dietary changes

💆‍♀️How to cope?

👉🏼Recognise the stress and stressors

👉🏼Plan your day and take ownership of your feelings and symptoms

👉🏼Healthy eating and exercise helps with mood, fatigue and pain

👉🏼Seek support either with family/friends or get professional help

👉🏼Treat yourself

❤️You are not alone, get HELP !!

📲Contact us for relaxing acupuncture sessions for stress

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