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Neck pain ( non-specific)

Neck aka cervical spine is starting point of vertebral column surrounded by muscles , ligaments and joints between 7 vertebrae as shown here

👤Neck pain can arise due to number of reasons this post is discussing only pain related to muscles, bones and joints.

🙆‍♀️Our head weighs about 8-10 pounds and the neck muscles are constantly moving , protecting , stabilising this weight.

💡Neck pain can arise from

👉🏼Lack of movement - day to day life

👉🏼Lack of strength - no strength exercises

👉🏼Lack of flexibility in muscles - no stretches

👉🏼Overuse or underuse.

👉🏼Anxiety , Depression , stress related issues

👉🏼Osteoarthritis of cervical vertebrae

👉🏼Poor workstation or desk set up at work

👤Muscles around the neck can be tight or weak however not everyone has neck pain

🤔So what can we do to improve this pain coming from mechanical (muscles , bones and joints related ) causes


👉🏼 Good sleeping position with a supportive pillow

👉🏼Neck and upper body stretches

👉🏼Neck and upper body strengthening exercises

👉🏼 Topical and oral over the counter medications for pain relief if allowed

👉🏼Good workstation and frequent breaks if sitting for long time

❗️Ensure there is no pain going down the arms , no weakness or headaches that do not settle with exercises and medication

📲Contact us for more advice , information and treatment

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